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Using “Collaborative Mediation" ™

Unlike Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy, which have broader goals, Couples Mediation is for
addressing a discrete topic, a specific goal or question. Examples of serious goals are:

  • How long to keep a child or parent who is slated to die alive?
  • Whether we should adopt a special needs child?
  • Shall we have our son live in a residential apartment with others his age or continue to live at home?
  • Shall we sue the doctors who gave her mother an overdose of methadone which caused brain damage?
  • We want to do condo improvements, but the only other owners object. Can we mediate with them?

The goals of couples mediation are similar and often overlap with the goals of decision making mediation. Often parents are trying to decide how much involvement their parents should have in their children’s upbringing. Sometimes one member of the couple has been offered a job at a very large distance, inside or outside the country. The children may or may not have special needs that are being well-met within the current school system. Should the family move? Once the discrete topics have been resolved, the Couples Mediation is done, but may be resumed any time other issues come to the fore.

Janet Miller Wiseman provides Mediation and Counseling Services in the Boston area. She is an accomplished, long-established divorce and family mediator, with 39 years of experience in mediation and well over 40 years of experience as a psychotherapist/counselor. Her office is located at 138 Lowell Street, Lexington, Ma. 02420, and while she literally serves clients from all over Massachusetts, many of her clients come from Andover, Arlington, Acton, Beverly, Burlington, Bedford, Boxford, Concord, West Concord, Danvers, Framingham, Gloucester, Lincoln, Lynn, Malden, Marblehead, Melrose, Needham, Newton, Peabody, Reading, Salem, Stoneham,  Tewksbury, Topsfield, Waltham, Watertown, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, Wilmington, Winchester, and Woburn.

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