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The underlying ethic of our practice is to build trust in relationships. People come for Family Mediation seeking assistance with disputes, differences of opinions, help with decision-making about future direction of relationships, children and elder’s lives and to solve problems and resolve conflicts. Many come for Divorce, Couples, or Family Mediation. Others come for Individual, Couples or Family Psychotherapy.

Divorce Mediation

Helps divorcing/separating couples design creative living arrangement for, and talk with their children about divorce; helps them buy-out, sell, or hold their real estate together for a time. It helps them discover their current and future cash flows into their 90s, learn all their tax obligations and possibilities and equitably divide their assets.

Family Mediation

Helps couples and families radically improve communication, forge deeper connections, build trust, find space and time for one another, and often helps them resolve a big conflict like including grandparents in children’s lives.

Decision Mediation

Whether engaged, married, in family business, partners make important decisions e.g. whether to build an addition to the home for her mother, or to find a residence nearby. Families decide whether to move, have a child, decide parents’ residences, or future direction of their relationships.

Business Mediation

Small businesses, families, colleges, schools learn a 7 Step Process of Negotiating conflicts and disputes, first through a Negotiation Power Point Presentation, then through interactive exercises.


Marriage, individual and family counseling work to strengthen a relationship with oneself and others and to deepen connections and intimacy. Learning how one’s original family functioned goes a long way to see how a person functions today, and to make changes. How to graciously communicate is part of the process.


Individual, couple, and family therapy help deal with grief, life transitions, anxiety, ADHD, depression, bi-polar, PTSD, marriage dysfunction. People learn facts about their conditions, explore options for coping and improving and learn to accept that they are much grander than any condition or dysfunction.

We get together every Friday night for Shabbat dinner, read stories and tuck-in the children. We’re with the kids half time each week. Janet showed us that we didn’t have to separate from the children to achieve a marital separation/divorce.

Bill and Donna

Meeting the kids at the bus every day after school to help with their homework was the right thing to do. They didn’t ask for a divorce. Janet helped me understand that this was extra special. She made me understand what a gift I was giving them


Collaborating with Janet and the financial Certified Divorce Analyst showed us what we have to live on today and long after our retirements!

Paul and Allison

Janet has a rare insight into helping the family with a member with bi-polar disorder. This is a genuine ministry.

Sarah Buell Dowling

Because I hadn’t worked during our marriage, I was deathly afraid of how I’d survive after my alimony ran out. Janet helped us divide our assets and Bill’s retirement accounts, so I’m going to be fine until my 90th decade — maybe even later!


These were our second marriages. Our own knowledge, and Janet’s greatly experienced process, got us far less painfully and much more rapidly through the divorce than we could have hoped for. Thank you

Ally and Jeff

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We are one of the longest established dual mediation/clinical practices in Massachusetts. Our unique “Dual Practice” allows us to work with couples at all stages of their relationships and not to merely focus on the dissolution of relationships. We have over 40 years of experience helping parties develop creative alternatives to their differences and reaching amicable solutions in whatever direction their relationships continue.

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