Family Mediation

Since 1979

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Unlike Family Therapy, which has broader goals, Family Mediation usually has a discrete topic, a specific goal or question. Examples of serious goals are:

  • Sisters want their brother who molested all of them as teenagers to apologize and have healing of the family begin.
  • Grandparents want to understand why their daughter and her husband want them to have such limited involvement with their grandchildren. They are heart-broken.
  • One of the adults, living-at-home children, has a serious, disruptive, emotional disorder. How can we all learn to live with this disorder?
  • A man wants his mother to go through him in making arrangements to see his child, rather than through his ex-wife. This is so much more difficult for the grandmother. What shall we do?
  • We are trying to distribute the furniture, clothes and dishes of our mother’s estate. What method will be fair in doing so?

The mediator is skilled at being multi-partial, that is, partial to the interests, goals and feelings of each member of the family. She facilitates solutions that makes each party comfortable, or at the least, solutions with which they can live.

Janet has a rare insight into helping the family with a member with bi-polar disorder. This is a genuine ministry.

Sarah Buell Dowling

We welcome your questions at or 781-861-9847 and will provide each member of the couple with a half-hour complimentary conference call and introduction.

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Janet Miller Wiseman, principal and owner, who works with several Certified Divorce and Financial Analysts, is an original co-founder of The Negotiation Collaborative in 1979 and the co-founder of the Mass Council on Family Mediation in 1982, an organization which provides high-level, bi-monthly continuing education to its members. Janet is a two-year past President of MCFM, the designee of the John Adams Fiske Award for Excellence in Mediation in 1982, and the original Director of Public Relations. Janet has thirty-nine years of experience in suggesting and co-crafting cost-effective, thoroughly researched, genuinely creative alternatives for settlement, not simply legalistic formulas.