Couples use the Sept. 15, 2017, Mass Child Support Guidelines in determining support for their children. It is assumed that both parents will contribute their earnings and that the guidelines are “presumptive”. That is, they will pertain to your situation unless:

  • you have children who have special needs or aptitudes
  • you have unusually low or high housing costs
  • the children live with each of you approximately equal time
  • you have joint incomes in excess of the guidelines

Couples decide when they reevaluate the Child Support Guidelines, perhaps every year, if their incomes or medical/dental insurance has changed. If a parent is not working or working full-time, and the children are old enough, s(he) may decide to do so to increase the total family income. Parents frequently decide that it is better, especially for young children to be guided by their parents and not nannies or babysitters.