Our Four-Year-Old is Our First Priority

Meriam and Ted were concerned that their marital separation and divorce would devastate four-year-old, Anjie. With careful planning that did not happen! Not even close.

Meriam’s workday being longer than Ted’s, he picks Anjie up from pre-school, spending time with her at Meriam and Anjie’s home until Meriam arrives home from work. Occasionally they have dinner as a family on weeknights. At her age, Anjie is sleeping at Mom’s house and will gradually move to overnights with Dad several nights a week. Each parent will have long weekends away with their families, a four-day vacation in the summer and during the Christmas season together.

One night after school, all three members of the family play soccer with Anjie’s friend Jodi, and Jodi’s parents in a field nearby. Each parent alternates taking Anjie to her playdates and dance class. Anjie is doing well, sleeping well, eating well, and is being the exuberant little girl, she always was.